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A unique insight of how businessman and motoring novice Barry Weir drove into the world record books at the wheel of his wife’s 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4.

He became the first person to drive an historic sports car around the world in 80 days... a new world record. Crossing four continents and driving through 22 countries, it was the longest ever rally in the history of the car and the first ever timed circumnavigation of the globe for a magnificent collection of 40 classic, historic and vintage cars.

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Driving Ambition, an introduction from Sir Stirling Moss

Keeping a fast car on the racetrack for three hours plus in a Grand Prix is no mean feat. It requires skill, concentration and a car that's up to the job. Change the scenario slightly and put an historic sports car on an 80-day timed rally around the world, and you have another great motoring challenge.

Competing in such a rally is not only a test of driving skills, but also one of stamina, organisation and total commitment. And those readers who already know Barry Weir will recognise that when he takes on a challenge of any kind he gives it 110 per cent.

Driving Ambition is both informative and entertaining. As well as being a detailed record for the motoring enthusiast, it is a personal diary, which takes the reader behind the scenes of what it is really like to participate in such a competition.

I was privileged to be on the start line in London, and to be part of this historic motoring rally. What a colourful occasion it was as the entrants lined up on Tower Bridge to be cheered off on a journey that would take them through hugely contrasting countries and landscapes.

As we head into the twenty-first century, the world is indeed a smaller place. But there will always be a place in my heart for those who are up for this kind of adventure.

The Around the World in 80 Days Motor Challenge was a truly 'great race', and I hope you enjoy reading about how one man set out, in an Aston Martin, to become the first to drive an historic sports car around the globe in exactly 80 days.

Sir Stirling Moss

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This unique shooting-brake was designed and commissioned by the private British Aston Martin enthusiast and collector, Barry Weir and built by Bertone.

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Barry Weir got into the mobile homes business in the UK in 1978. He is now retired but offering consulting advice on Britain’s new Mobile Homes Act. Barry Weir is also a car enthusiast, a passion that didn’t begin until he was forty years old, and his family gave him a Mercedes SL for his birthday. He has since become the first person to race a DB7 in a track event anywhere in the world.

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